Our Approach - Strategy

We see a gap on the financial risk advisory market in terms of credit risk management and regulatory compliance. On one hand the recession left banks’ balance sheet in a difficult condition and there is room to review and further analyse existing portfolios (e.g. stress-testing, monitoring of provisioning requirements). On the other hand tightening regulation will make banks spend more time and efforts on risk management.

We believe that financial professionals with risk management and loan origination background who understand the bigger picture of the banks' balance sheet & regulatory context can assist banks to manage their balance sheet more effectively. QCR offers its international risk management experience, technical knowledge of mainstream risk management practices and IT capabilities to improve risk management in the financial sector. Furthermore, applying the latest technology from the London financial markets, QCR has developed a next-generation risk management tool, which gives more granularity and consistency to portfolio management and can assist banks to monitor and stress-test their portfolio more efficiently (RISKAWARE).